At Sylvia P Teamwear, we believe we are the game changers and industry disrupters, leading the way with design innovation and garment quality. So with another 365 days around our planet, we have another incredible chance to show the world how dynamically different Sylvia P Teamwear designs are.

For our 2023 – 2024 competition collection, our design team looked to the future of gymnastics in our modern world, looking back at how the gymnastics landscape as a sport has morphed over the last few years. Inspired by the stories they came across, we wanted to make a powerful yet thought-provoking statement—Are You Ready? It’s a strong statement, evoking a sense of change and metamorphosis. Are you ready for the future? Are you ready for the change? Are you ready to see how fashion has influenced and impacted the gymnastics industry? Are you ready to see more exceptional designs?

Gymnastics after all, is not just a sport. It’s a fantastical fashion show, a balancing act. It's theatrical, its rhythm, and its choreography matched to the beat of the music. There’s the wow factor and there’s the show-stopping awe factor. Gymnastics is also a show of determination, courage, and athleticism from competitors who train daily. And this season, we wanted to pay homage to them and our community.

Our beautiful range of collections are broken into four breathtakingly glamorous themes. Each collection is a tribute to different aspects of the gymnastics industry, told through a modern fashion-driven lens, and with our distinctive couture handwriting, all are authentically Sylvia P Teamwear.

So. Are you ready to join us for our best year yet?